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  • Abundance Party: a cherry-picked compilation of all of our best information, a moderated and highly engaged private Facebook group, and everything you need to know to build your private practice including trainings, courses, scripts, & templates!

  • Inner Circle: our most exclusive offering includes multiple hourlong 1:1 sessions, group Private Practice School, open office hours, Abundance Party content, and copywriting/website review. Registration is limited. I recommend hopping on the interest list if you want to nab a spot. 😉 

  • Demystifying Your Website Copy: a standalone course that will take the guesswork out of writing website copy that reaches your ideal client! 

  • What to Say When Getting Started: a collection of our most loved, most effective scripts and templates for getting good fit clients in the door.

  • Abundance Photo Party!: We're hosting a 3-day photoshoot from June 29th-July 1, 2021. Interested? Learn more today! 

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Y’all! If you’re having a hard time getting clients in the door I have a free resource for you to get your practice where you want it. It took me a year to get this thing to you, which is 100% not like me. Was there some COVID-eating-my-life & schooling at home & staring longingly out the window as it rained during that time? Sure was. Some putting it on the shelf because racial justice & equity is more important than the deadline I set for myself? Yep. But there was also a lot of thought & care & “what I wish I’d known” that went into it. Plus almost endless revisions & way too much listening to myself teach, begging my team & the live training attendees for more negative feedback so I could make it better. 

Here’s the thing- I know there’s a lot of information out there about how to build a practice. I condensed the biggest mistakes I see & the way out into this 45-minute training. So if you need to know How to Fill Your Practice Without Being Salesy or Spending Money You Don't Have join us here. I genuinely hope it helps you build your practice with less pressure & more success.

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