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At Abundance, we're driven to help you make the best & highest use of your time & resources. Nothing encapsulates this mission better than the Inner Circle, our most comprehensive private practice-building program.




>>  6 Months of Monthly 1:1
Your Inner Circle calls will be with Lindsay Melka, our individual consultant here at Abundance. Lindsay will help tailor your marketing plan to something you are excited to implement. Feeling stuck, lost, or burned out? Lindsay’s got you covered there, too. We get that private practice success depends as much on your vitality as the marketing strategies you choose. We’ve got your back on both counts.

>>  6 Months of Monthly Private Practice School Video Calls with Allison Puryear
Your monthly Private Practice School calls with Allison and your Inner Circle Besties will feature specific how-to's, real-time feedback, instruction and plenty of time for Q&A about your practice. Allison’s there with her 14 years of hard-won private practice building expertise, and a deep commitment to you kicking ass. These are recorded for those that can't attend live and you know what you're learning when so you can prioritize the lessons that make the most sense for your practice. 

>>  Lifetime Access to Monthly Office Hours
We’re here for you as your practice evolves - from refining your marketing plan to dealing with the new stressors and successes of being full. If you need a website revamp, advice on hiring staff, or a sounding board about raising your fees, switching your niche, or building beyond the office, lifetime access to monthly office hours lets you share your practice building experience with other therapists who are where you used to be, and get the feedback and support you need.

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 >>  6 Months of everything included in the Abundance Party and a deep discount if you want to continue your membership 

>>  We've got COURSES GALORE, including the following:

  • The Know Your Niche Course helps you refine your niche and work with the clients you do your best work without pigeonholing yourself or burning out. 

  •  The Marketing Fundamentals Course teaches you to market your practice in a way that doesn’t feel skeezy. No cheap sales tricks, no cringe-worthy “selling yourself.” Just connecting to your potential clients and referral sources in a way that is authentic to you and your practice.  

  •  The What to Say When: Scripts and Templates for Counselors in Private Practice Course gives you the language for all things business-related from negotiating a lease to following up about past due balances from clients without awkwardness to converting phone calls into clients, whether you take insurance or not. 

  •  The Private Practice/Life Balance Course is ALL about systemizing and prioritizing the most important things in your life. Whether you're overworking or under-working, this course will help you find the balance that works best for you.
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>>  Exclusive Access to 1:1’s with Allison This is the ONLY way to get an individual consultation with Allison. Only members can hop in her schedule. 

>>  Monthly Live Trainings on all sorts of topics from managing your private practice finances like a CFO to finally filling your therapy groups to marketing an online-only practice. These are recorded so you have access to the dozens of trainings in the archives, too. 

>>  A Community that has Your Back
The Members-Only Facebook Community is generous, supportive, and motivated. Allison responds to every post in the group so you can get your quick questions answered and your successes celebrated by not just her, but the whole crew of private practice builders. 

>>  One Hour of Copywriting Support with Megan Patton, MA
Megan, who has an MA in creative writing, does most of the copywriting for Abundance. She’s written copy for major retailers, small businesses, mental health agencies, and has ghost written copy for textbook companies. Her ten years in medical and mental health customer services as a referral specialist allows her to see the copy from the point of view of your ideal client. She can help you hone your message so your ideal clients are clear that you are absolutely the right therapist for them. We’ve had several people say their time with Megan was worth the cost of the Inner Circle on its own!

>>  One Hour of Branding Help with Leslie Springs, our Director of Marketing and Growth

A lot of people get wrapped up in not knowing how to "do social media right", and tend to avoid the places where their ideal clients spend the most time. Leslie's branding expertise can help you hone your social media message, take the guesswork out of best practices, and help you make a plan for your branding that helps you stand out and feels authentic to your practice and views.

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We are DEEPLY committed to supporting your success. We really get to know you and your business through our time together. You have the entire Abundance team behind you.

Other programs may be group-based or 1:1 focused or self-paced e-courses. This has all three. We get that people learn and implement in different ways and we want to set you up for success. Attending ALL of this isn't necessary for success; we encourage you to try all of it out and use the parts of the Inner Circle that work best for you. 

We'd love to help you build a practice that you love, one that you're proud of and excited to work in.

Are You A Good Fit For Inner Circle?

Just like you, we want clients who are going to dig in and commit. The Inner Circle can offer you expert guidance as you build your practice. You bring the ideas and questions you have as you navigate your business building and receive feedback and guidance on your progress from industry professionals. 

This isn’t a canned business model mastermind or a marketing company that doesn’t understand therapy setting up costly ads. 

You won’t leave Inner Circle with a website that looks and sounds problematically familiar to other practices in your area or a business plan that has you going around in circles with no results. We help you get clear on the practice you want and put our collective energy and expertise into helping you build it. You get our best practices and then our opinion on your marketing work.

We work best with people who are motivated, open to feedback, and excited to create a business that is good for their clients, their community, and themselves. 

Do our ideal clients struggle with imposter syndrome, fear, and dips in motivation? Absolutely! But they make values-based decisions to keep going. 

With our support, they get farther faster and have more fun doing it.


Who is Not a Good Fit for Inner Circle?

Motivation ebbs and flows, we get that. But if you’d categorize yourself as someone who rarely finishes what they start or someone who would rather someone do it for them, we’re not the best fit for you. 

If you are frequently looking to poke holes in things and would rather talk about why something isn’t going to work, we probably won’t work well together. Here’s the truth — you will find holes in the Inner Circle (and every other program.) We get people results despite being imperfect, just like you do in your practice. 

People who are unwilling to be uncomfortable don’t tend to get too far in practice-building. Don’t get us wrong — we don’t relish discomfort. But a certain amount of pushing ourselves beyond what we’ve done before is necessary unless you’ve already built your ideal practice, in which case you don’t need us. We aren’t looking for you to do something new with gusto; we just need willingness to help you build something amazing.

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