Build your private practice faster with less stress & more confidence

The Heart of It All

The Inner Circle is a virtual, 6-month program (featuring lifetime perks) designed to give you the tools & support you need to build a full & happy practice. Please note: the day you register is the day you start. ⏱️

Ready for the specifics? The Inner Circle includes:

  • Multiple hour-long 1:1 private practice consultations; These occur once a month during your first 6 months of the program
  • Lifetime membership perks of our beloved Abundance Party, including all of the courses, recorded trainings, + scripts & templates
  • Exclusive lifetime access to monthly Open Office Hours, during which you can ask Allison Puryear all of your private-practice questions

There are two ways to pay for the Inner Circle:

  1. an upfront, one-time payment of $4,500
  2. a financing option of $399/mo for 12 consecutive months ($4,788 total due)
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Learn Your Way

Other programs may be group-based or 1:1 focused or self-paced e-courses. This has all three. We get that people learn & implement in different ways, & we want to set you up for success. Attending ALL of this isn't necessary for success; we encourage you to try all of it out & use the parts of the Inner Circle that work best for you. 

This 6-month program will help you get clear niche, identify your ideal client, network, optimize your website, hone in on your marketing strategies, & overcome mindset struggles & barriers. 

Effective & Fun

Allison Puryear, the founder of Abundance Practice Building, & the Abundance Team are driven to help you make the best & highest use of your time & resources. Nothing encapsulates this mission better than the Inner Circle, our most comprehensive & exclusive private-practice-building program.

The Inner Circle offers you expert guidance as you build your practice. You bring the ideas & questions you have as you navigate your business building & receive feedback & guidance on your progress from industry professionals.

1:1 Consultations w/ Experts

During your first 6 months in the program, you'll meet with one of our private practice consultants. During these hour-long sessions, you'll check in & go over whatever it is that's tripping you up (your niche, your marketing strategy, your website copy, etc.).

Courses & Trainings

Courses & Trainings

The Inner Circle is a 6-month program that offers members lifetime access to everything in our Abundance Party package. This includes hundreds of hours of videos, website templates, scripts, & so much more! For a comprehensive list of the included courses, check out the Abundance Party page

Info Sessions

Monthly Info Sessions

Every month, you'll be able to partake in Open Office Hours, a live session led by Allison Puryear. You'll be able to ask questions related to your  practice, get real-time feedback, & learn from Allison & your peers along the way. 

PS: You'll have lifetime access to Open Office Hours!


We're here to help you each step of the way!





Hi! I’m Allison Puryear (rhymes with “career”). If you’ve been within 10 feet of me, you may know that I’m as passionate about practice building as I am about helping my clients change their lives. However, you should know that I did not come into private practice easily. 

After nearly burning out at agencies, I built successful private practices in three different states & I realized I had a knack for helping other therapists do the same. I’ve done the work to figure out the logistics of building sustainable, full, & happy practices. I know I can help you do the same. 





Feeling stuck, lost, or burned out? Lindsay’s got you covered. We get that private practice success depends as much on your vitality as the marketing strategies you choose. Lindsay has got your back on both counts.





Megan has an MA in creative writing & does most of the copywriting for Abundance. Her 10 years in medical & mental health customer services as a referral specialist allows her to see the copy from the point of view of your ideal client. She can help you hone your message so your ideal clients are clear that you are absolutely the right therapist for them.




A lot of people get wrapped up in not knowing how to "do social media right" & tend to avoid the places where their ideal clients spend the most time. Leslie's branding expertise can help you hone your social media message, take the guesswork out of best practices, & help you make a plan for your branding that helps you stand out & feels authentic to your practice & views.




We know that starting an online program can be a wee-bit overwhelming. Need help navigating your membership portal? Don't know how to change your credit card? Whatever questions come your way, Haley will take care of ya!

Are You A Good Fit For The Inner Circle?

This isn’t a canned private practice business model. We help you get clear on the practice you want & put our collective energy & expertise into helping you build it. You get our best practices & then our opinion on your marketing work.

We work best with people who are motivated, open to feedback, & excited to create a business that is good for their clients, their community, & themselves. Do our ideal clients struggle with imposter syndrome, fear, & dips in motivation? Absolutely! But they make values-based decisions to keep going. With our support, they get farther faster & have more fun doing it.

Note: The Inner Circle is an online program housed in a membership portal. If you're not very tech-savvy, this may not be the right program for you.

Abundance Practice Building Testimonials

Ryanne R.

"Allison’s course came around at a time when my business was struggling. The money commitment, the time commitment, all of it was intimidating. Things did not change overnight, but they are changing. Allison & her team offer support, support, & more support. DO IT! You won’t regret it."


Abundance Practice Building Testimonials

Rick P.

"Inner Circle helped me get traction on a niching & rebranding process that had been languishing...Effective one on one attention, group support, & info that will help you move your practice forward. I still have a way to go, but the roadmap is set out for me, & some members of our cohort have continued to support each after the formal ending of [the Inner Circle] with weekly meetings."

Abundance Practice Building Testimonials

Anna B.

"Solo practice is lonely. I joined Inner Circle because I didn't want to be out there doing my thing alone. I wanted to be with people, people who were working toward the same goal: growing their practice. Together we learned, shared, & were accountable to each other. We laughed, we cried, we grew, we fell, we celebrated, & we did it together. Do it. Join the group. It's worth it. You'll thank yourself."

Registration to the Inner Circle is currently closed until September. 

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One-Time Payment (Discounted)

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Buy Now. Pay Later. (Financing Option)


Billed Monthly for 12 Consecutive Months ($4,788 total)

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Abundance Practice Building Testimonials

Carmelle E.

"I have been kicking butt & am feeling really good about my practice (& life)! I’m grateful that at a time where I really needed the encouraging push of support for Practice Building that I randomly came across Allison's podcast. That was my initial boot camp day-in & day-out, before joining the Party & Inner Circle for more. Allison [& the Team] are AMAZING! The Abundance Party & Inner Circle are safe places where your dreams are supported!"

Abundance Practice Building Testimonials

Irene T.

"I wasn’t seeing results. All of a sudden, I realized my business is making me miserable, & I need to be happy in the work that I do. I was feeling really insecure in my work & myself. I needed reassurance, guidance, & validation. I'm going to pay for something that provides me the kind of guidance & support that I need. Inner Circle made it 100% worth it because I had so many other people around me doing the same kind of work. I had so much support from the Abundance Team. It just changed my view - all the struggles, the am I doing this right, all of that melted away because I was making my practice exactly how I wanted it to be."

Elizabeth A.

"Thank you! I can't say it enough. I've been out of agency for three weeks & two days & after I booked another full fee client today I realized that in those three weeks I've gained enough clients to COMPLETELY REPLACE MY AGENCY INCOME! THREE F*%#[email protected] WEEKS! Inner Circle is the absolute best choice of 2020."