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1:1 Private Practice Consulting

Join our private practice consultant, Kim Wheeler Poitevien, for 50-minutes to really hone in on the specifics to take your private practice to the next level. Feeling stuck, lost, or burned out? Kim's got you covered. After years of running her private practice, Kim's got the experience to help you define your niche, determine your marketing strategies, & so much more. 🔥 

1:1 Marketing &/or Branding Review Session

Do you have trouble seeing your practice as a brand? Join our Marketing & Brand Director, Leslie, for an hour-long session working together to hone your brand identity & talk about some marketing best practices. We promise that you'll see your brand in a whole new way. 🎯 

1:1 Website Review Session

Are you ready to take your website to the next level? Well, then get ready for a comprehensive review of your site with our team! We will spend an hour looking at your website's ease of use, functionality, & aesthetic. During this session, we will hone in on potential improvements & brainstorm recommended next steps to ensure that your website is converting ideal patients into clients. 🚀 

1:1 Collaborative Writing Session

Need help with your website copy (i.e. the words on your website 😉)? The Abundance Team has got your back with hour-long copywriting sessions. Whether you're looking to refresh your current copy or collaborate together on a fresh take, we've got years of commercial writing experience to help you speak directly to your ideal client. 📝 

Let's Do This!

We've got the tools you need to build the practice that you want. Check out our two membership offerings:

Abundance Party The Inner Circle

Free Checklist!

So many people don’t take the leap into private practice because they don’t know where to start. This checklist & its accompanying resource list tell you exactly what you need to do to get going. We get into the specifics of why each item is important, provide suggestions for free & paid resources to make your practice run smoothly, & include some reminders about why you are totally capable of having a successful private practice.

Free Worksheets!

Whether you need blog post ideas, networking help, tips on how to get referrals from college counseling centers, or an ROI calculator, our weekly worksheets can help! 

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