Quit Your Job, Start Your Life!

I’m Allison Puryear, LCSW & I want you to stop circling the drain in agencies, & find more free time, income, & freedom in private practice.


Here’s what life can look like after the Abundance Party 🎉:

  • When you’re full, you’re full. No out-of-control caseloads. No feeling guilty because you can’t see clients frequently enough.
  • Work the hours you want to work. End your work day at 2, & pick your kids up from school. Never work a Friday again. Start your day at 11 AM. Whatever schedule you want works.
  • Work exclusively with clients you do great work with. No more taking on clients just because a system or a supervisor said so.
  • Make more money. In my first calendar year in private practice, I worked half the hours & made 3X what I’d made in my last job. Paying my bills without anxiety feels amazing.
  • No more toxic work environments. I worked retail & food service for a decade, industries that don’t have the best reputation for healthy environments. They have nothing on the toxicity of the mental health agencies I’ve worked in.

If you’re struggling with:

  • Burnout from work… & you know it isn’t your clients. It’s the system or your boss, or the sheer number of clients you’re expected to see. It’s not having any time to mentally rest.
  • Disappointment that this job is just as toxic as the last job. We get our hopes up, but time & time again, we find ourselves in a different job with the same structural problems.
  • Money stress. I’ll say it plainly – mental health agencies do not pay you enough to pay your bills, take vacations, save for retirement, take a weekly yoga class, buy a house, pay for kids’ college, or pay off your student loans. It’s not a personal moral failing if you are living paycheck to paycheck.
  • No time or energy for friends or family. Having one more person ask anything of you after work makes you want to hide under a blanket. Or scream in your car. You’re so fried that meeting a friend for dinner sounds like a chore instead of fun. Your free time gets spent with Netflix instead of connection.
  • Wondering if you should leave the profession? You devoted so many years of your life, money, & energy becoming a therapist, & now you’re miserable. It may even be making you sick. If there’s any part of you that wants to stay, I want you to please consider a guided path to private practice. We need great therapists in this world. Private practice lets you do the part you love without most of the bureaucratic nonsense that makes this hard.

If you’re ready to:

  • Finish your work days with energy for the people you love.
  • Learn & implement some new skills that are way easier than what you have learned in your career so far.
  • Invest a tiny fraction of what you invested in grad school, so you can make 6 figures a year while working way less & on your terms. 
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It’s what I wish I’d had...

I’ve been there. I told myself that if I had to work in a toxic agency for another year, I was going to quit & return to being a barista. 🙅‍♂️ ☕
It wasn't just that one job, either - it was four. With each, I thought if I just tried harder, took on more responsibility, maybe I could make a change. Instead, I worked more hours for the same pay & got a lot of "exceeds expectations" on my performance reviews. But nothing changed until I worked to change my mindset, & slowly private practice started feeling like a possibility.

So I dug in, did the work to learn how to run my own practice, & started thriving practices in 3 different states - working with my ideal client when & how I wanted while making a full cash fee. After helping tens of thousands of therapists quit their agency jobs, I know that overwork & burnout is the norm in our field, not the exception or bad luck I'd assumed.

I've also learned that private practice completely changes your life & is the key to a long, meaningful, & happy career. ✨

I want you to have this freedom, too. It’s why I teach you how to do it in the Abundance Party.

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Abundance Practice Building Testimonials

Cody H.

"I decided to check out because it was [a low investment]. I figured it would be largely unhelpful, but it's helped me gain confidence in my business ability, taught me so much about marketing, provided me with great professional advice, and I feel supported. Allison Puryear is one of a kind and just gives that feeling of 'it will be all right' that we need sometimes as independent business owners. If you're wondering - or wandering - in your practice, it's worth the small investment."

Abundance Practice Building Testimonials

Jessica C.

"I want to thank Abundance Party. I transitioned from insurance to private pay in 2018. I was freaked out and thought I made a huge mistake. I joined the Party in November of 2018. I took the courses, watched the webinars, asked for feedback, and I have almost doubled my income in one year! I see less clients and serve the clients in my niche."


Abundance Practice Building Testimonials

Erin B.

"I highly highly recommend! This is the best investment I made in myself and my practice. Allison Puryear is amazing at breaking down and teaching how to build a strong foundation for your practice. I have most certainly experienced growth during the course of the group! Plus you get to connect with other amazing new practice owners who are able to walk the journey with you! You definitely won't regret signing up!"

Agency Life Is the Hard Part

We've all heard, “I could never be a therapist.” Many think it’s the client work that's hard, but the client work was the absolute best part of all those jobs. It is why we became therapists.

But many of our grad programs imbued in us a martyrdom. So therapists suck it up for the sake of getting to do meaningful work.

The hardest part of being a therapist is the harsh reality that often comes with working for an agency. So let's talk about the benefits of private practice...

Abundance Practice Buuilding_Allison Puryear_Therapy_Consultant


Courses & Trainings

Online Courses

Think of this as the main event at a party. It’s the piñata in kindergarten, Spin the Bottle in 8th grade, or the kegger in college. These online courses are what you’re looking for; step-by-step instruction to get your practice exactly where you want it to be!

Monthly Trainings

You know those friends of a friend you want to get to know better? We give you time to hang out with the Party version once a month to learn from leaders in the practice-building space. And with your membership, you have access to years of recorded trainings, too.

Info Sessions

Private Community

Who wants to be at a party with jerks? The Abundance Community, our private members-only Facebook page, is like a new set of besties. It's a great place to build great connections with your peers while getting real-time insight from our team & community that spans the globe.

Info Sessions

Coaching Convo's

Ever overheard a conversation & it made your life better? You don't have to hide behind a plant to eavesdrop on these chats. If you like the Abundant Practice Podcast, you'll love these recorded sessions where I help your colleagues untangle their practices!

Abundance Party Subscription


6-Month Minimum

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Abundance Practice Building Testimonials

Jen B.

"I made more money this month than I have ever made in any month in my life (I’m 46!!!). Taking my practice full time is working, and I am so deeply grateful to Allison Puryear and this group for showing me it was possible and giving me such concrete tools, guidance, and inspiration…I know I would not be celebrating this win if I hadn’t found this group. Wishing abundance to you all.”


Abundance Practice Building Testimonials

Brooke W.

"Allison Puryear and the Abundance Party have walked me through some of my toughest early-practice moments so far. And although I know there are still more to come, I’m happy to have her and that tribe on my side with feedback, encouragement, and wisdom. Since joining, my practice actually has (gasp!) a handful of clients - but more importantly, I have a handle on my niche (finally), networking, and tons of long-term ideas for where I want to take my practice in the future. So much work still to do, but I’m incredibly thankful for the group."

Lauren T.

“The Abundance Party and Allison Puryear’s positivity and vision are literally what gave me the gusto and confidence to take the jump into private practice. Allison has helped me to keep the mood light, lean into the vulnerability, and begin to build a practice I really love. Her scripts helped me to land my first full fee client without budging or settling into a sliding scale conundrum. It can only go up from here and I feel so supported and encouraged by everyone in Abundance Party.” 

Stop putting off a better life. Private practice changes lives, just like it did mine.


You can have what you want.

The Abundance Party can help you get there.

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