If I had to work in a toxic agency for another year I was going to quit & return to being a barista.

It wasn’t just that one job, either. The first nonprofit out of grad school lost funding & all the therapists were laid off. The second agency was doing some shady shit with medicaid. The third didn’t pay the therapists until we sued them. My fourth (& final) job started off so good & then leadership shifted & coworkers were crying in each others’ offices.

With each I thought if I just tried harder & took on more responsibility, maybe I could make a change. Instead I worked more hours for the same pay & got a lot of “exceeds expectations” on my performance reviews. Nothing changed.

“I could never be a therapist” is something we all hear. They think it’s because the client work is hard. The client work was the absolute best part of all those jobs. I didn’t always feel adept or well-trained for every presenting concern they had, but they weren’t the problem with the jobs.

I know now after helping tens of thousands of therapists quit their jobs that this is the norm in our field, not the exception or bad luck I’d assumed.

But we became therapists for a reason, & many of our grad programs imbued in us a martyrdom. So we sucked it up & sucked it up for the sake of getting to do meaningful work.

Then at some point, private practice started feeling like a possibility. Maybe a far off possibility, but something for later at least.

I’m going to propose now instead of later based on my experience & those I’ve helped. Here’s what I didn’t realize was so good in private practice:

  • Much less bullshit. You know: staff meetings, convoluted rules that will change a few weeks after they finally move through the bureaucracy & get passed.
  • So much more money. Maybe that makes you squirm. Maybe that makes you excited. I’m not here to tell you how to feel. But I will say more money hasn’t made my life worse.
  • Working fewer hours. I worked half as many (& made 3x as much money.) Now I could volunteer, go on my kids’ field trips, have hobbies...& I’ve had 3 day weekends for a decade.
  • Better clinically. I like to think I was doing great work with my clients in my agency days. Most of the time I was. But the truth is that sometimes I had no idea what to do with clients sometimes. I’d ask my supervisor for, y’know, supervision & get handed worksheets or rescheduled til a later date. Plus I can afford to take the trainings I want & have the flexibility to do it when I want.
  • Enjoying all my clients. Because I only take on clients I know I can do great work with, I don’t grapple with incompetence. I genuinely like all my clients. They progress & graduate from therapy because I know how to help them, & if I get stuck, I have the resources to get top tier support.
  • Power to make change. If I want to pick my kids up from school, I shift my hours. If I want a raise, I raise my rates. If I want time off, I take it. No one suffers for those decisions. There’s no push back aside from my old wiring that tells me it shouldn’t be so easy. 
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In the Abundance Party, we take you step by step through exactly how to start & fill your practice. If you want or need big changes in your practice or you’ve plateaued, we have what you need, too.

There’s no program out there near this price point or this level of clear guidance to figure out what you want & show you how to get there. Plus our community knows what it’s talking about & genuinely has the back of all the other therapists in the program. You’ll never be in a more supportive & less dramatic group.

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Cody H.

"I decided to check out because it was [a low investment]. I figured it would be largely unhelpful, but it's helped me gain confidence in my business ability, taught me so much about marketing, provided me with great professional advice, and I feel supported. Allison Puryear is one of a kind and just gives that feeling of 'it will be all right' that we need sometimes as independent business owners. If you're wondering - or wandering - in your practice, it's worth the small investment."

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Jessica C.

"I want to thank Abundance Party. I transitioned from insurance to private pay in 2018. I was freaked out and thought I made a huge mistake. I joined the Party in November of 2018. I took the courses, watched the webinars, asked for feedback, and I have almost doubled my income in one year! I see less clients and serve the clients in my niche."


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Brooke W.

"Allison Puryear and the Abundance Party have walked me through some of my toughest early-practice moments so far. And although I know there are still more to come, I’m happy to have her and that tribe on my side with feedback, encouragement, and wisdom. Since joining, my practice actually has (gasp!) a handful of clients - but more importantly, I have a handle on my niche (finally), networking, and tons of long-term ideas for where I want to take my practice in the future. So much work still to do, but I’m incredibly thankful for the group."

Lauren T.

“The Abundance Party and Allison Puryear’s positivity and vision are literally what gave me the gusto and confidence to take the jump into private practice. Allison has helped me to keep the mood light, lean into the vulnerability, and begin to build a practice I really love. Her scripts helped me to land my first full fee client without budging or settling into a sliding scale conundrum. It can only go up from here and I feel so supported and encouraged by everyone in Abundance Party.” 


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