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What to Say When You’re Getting Started is a collection of our most loved, most effective scripts and templates for getting good fit clients in the door.

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Look We've All Been There...

The phone rings and it’s a potential client. 

You’re TRYING to sound like a professional but you sound like you just learned how to string a sentence together.  

Maybe your practice is private pay only and the second a potential client asks if you take their insurance you assume they won’t book an appointment. 

Maybe you take insurance but you’re afraid you won’t collect the information you need. 

That’s NORMAL. You Just Need a Little Help. You just need the words to use and a little confidence boost to get you there. 

Maybe you have clients but collecting payment or referring out someone whose needs you know you can’t meet feels totally awkward. 

Or maybe you want more colleagues and doctor’s offices to refer to you.  

Those are just words, too! You just need the right combinations! 

If you’re reading this, you probably want a successful practice and you want it to feel smoother. 

Reinventing wheels sounds annoying and unnecessary. 

Look, you can close this page out right now and write all of those yourself. Or you can rely on scripts that thousands of therapists have used to fill their practices. 

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Use What Works. 

Imagine answering your phone with confidence instead of uncertainty, talking with your potential client comfortably so they’re left feeling like you’re competent and warm -- just the person to help them through their struggle. 

Imagine communicating with colleagues and doctor’s offices without feeling salesy or cheesy. 



What to Say When You’re Getting Started

Our scripts and templates are here for you when the phone rings. Print them, paste them so they’re handy.


These scripts:

  • are connective and client-centered
  • have nothing to do with manipulating or convincing people to see you
  • position you as the professional you are so potential clients can decide whether it’s a good fit
  • let doctors offices get to know how you work
  • get you in contact with other therapists so you can build meaningful referral relationships

"Even though my practice was full when Allison's What to Say When e-course launched, I knew this was going to be a worthwhile investment to my business. Allison did not disappoint! I had been navigating these different conversations with my clients, often wondering if I had said the right thing - imposter syndrome alert! Reading through the scripts gave me more confidence and I now feel less anxious when navigating trickier topics with my clients."

-Megan Negendank, LMFT

"When Allison released the What to Say When: Scripts & Templates, I immediately invested in it. Since then, I've found it to be an invaluable tool. Think of it like a Rolodex for private practice. If you're thinking about investing in it, please don't think twice about it. Allison truly over delivers. And the time/money you save in having these templates and scripts right in front of you is so worth it."

-Melvin Varghese, PhD

"Do you want to engage clients with confidence, create your ideal schedule and easily navigate those sticky conversations? The Scripts & Templates e-course will give you the tools to do all that and so much more! Whether you are just starting out or want to fine tune your administrative approach, this e-course will help you take more of a leadership role in your private practice. Essentially, it's a consultant on standby and worth every penny."    

-April Snow  

What's Included in What to Say When You're Getting Started:

Script 1: How to Schedule Clients Whether You Take Insurance or Not
A play by play of how to structure the call, mindset issues to consider, what questions to ask your potential client, and how to answer common questions they have.

2: How to respond to “I Work; I Can’t Come During The Day”
Whether you want to pick your kids up from school, only have a few evening appointments a week, or would rather be doing something non-work related after 5, I share the exact words I’ve used for over 7 years to keep my practice full and my butt out the door for carline.

3: Referring Out A Bad Fit
The client you dread is another therapist’s favorite. And that other therapist will be more effective for them. Here’s how to kindly, ethically refer a client that you aren’t doing your best work with. 

4: Welcome to Therapy Spiel
In this, I cover all the non-clinical pieces for an intake appointment. Informed consent, your no show/late cancellation policy, etc conversationally and warmly.

5: Asking for Payment at the End of Session
How NOT to say “thanks for the vulnerability, now where’s my money,” which is never how we mean it, but sometimes how it sounds. 

6: Enforcing a No Show or Late Cancellation Policy (without guilt or cringing)
We’ve got you covered here, too. If you never know how to word it and just let it go every time because you don’t know how to say it, welcome to getting paid for the time you set aside-- without client resentment. 

7: Client Has a Balance
This often happens when we’re already squirmy around money. This script has is firm, loving, and includes boundaries so you and your client can get that balance settled. 

8: “Doc, I’m Seeing Your Patient”
I’ve used a version of this template in all 3 states I’ve had private practices in and it has led to becoming a go-to for multiple offices (and many many many referrals.)

9: Cold Email for Networking with Therapists
Networking has been the most effective and most fun marketing strategy I’ve used to build my practices. When I was new to town, other therapists sent referrals because we got to know one another. This is how those relationships started. 

10: Raising Rates
This script helps you communicate a rate increase even if you’re shaking in your boots about it. We have several options so you can choose how best to deliver the info to your clients. I even include a link to a free resource to help you go deeper on the money mindset struggle.   

What to Say When
You're Getting Started

10 Scripts to Get You Started

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Get The Scripts: Feel More Confident, Fill Your Practice

If even one of these scripts lead to one new client this week, you’ll have made your money back and then some. 

But the thing is, each of them could lead to a new client every week for as long as you want. 

These scripts can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your practice. 

They’re a steal at $49 for a reason. I want as many therapists as possible feeling successful in private practice. It means our clients are well-served and our world is healthier and better. 

I want it to be a doable price for therapists who are having a hard time transitioning phone calls into good-fit clients.

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I’m a therapist with a nearly diagnosable obsession with business development. I’ve started practices in three different states and I’ve helped therapists in over 60 countries build thriving private practices. 

I see how therapists, who are so good at finding the right thing to say in response to trauma, loss, and panic, trip over their words when it comes to the business stuff. We weren’t trained in this. We have some “stuff” to work out around it. And while you’re doing all that, I wanted to create scripts so you can get clients in the door in the meantime. Doing good clinical work always makes me feel more confident and I’m hoping that getting clients in the door so you can do your solid clinical work can bolster that ego and the guidance in the scripts can bolster your practice. 

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