My new private practice picked up steam in March, then COVID hit and I now have two clients...

Question: My new private practice picked up steam in March,  then COVID hit and I now have two clients. I’m so worried about losing my practice that it has been hard to stay motivated. I told a friend today that I feel like I am missing some magical piece to this puzzle, I just don’t know what I can do to influence change? 

AnswerIt sucks. SUCKs! To have built up your practice and have this happen and take the wind out of your sails. 


While I would love to turn over the perfect magical piece for you, one doesn’t exist. Motivation may be low b/c it’s how you manage stress. It may be b/c you’ve been working hard with no positive reinforcement what with the quiet phone and all.


You mentioned in the original question, which I shortened a little, about the grief of the progress you’d made. I wonder if you’ve really felt through that. 


Ultimately, the only thing any of us can do to get our...

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